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"Every 6th Day" Facebook Promotion Method

If you took a basic "Advertising 101" course, you would be taught that people do not always respond to Ads the first time they see them.

The same goes for donation requests, foster requests, volunteer requests, etc... that you post on Facebook.

After all... your post may reach your fans during a busy time in their life... or at the end of the month when they don't have the $$ to help... or ???

Also... we have learned that any SINGLE POST you put on facebook, only reaches a small portion of your fans.

So if you post a request, donation link, amazon wish list link, t-shirt link, etc... and get a poor response... it is NOT because "None of your fans wanted to help"...

It is more often the case that "only a very small percentage of your fans saw the request"... and again, even of those who DID see the request, many of those may not be able, or may not yet be motivated to help... because they only saw the request "Once".

Another important piece of Info... most fans who DO see your posts, will see them in their newsfeed. So if you post a request in the morning... and some of your fans only check their FB newsfeed in the evening after work... chances are they did not scroll, and scroll, and scroll down their newsfeed to see all posts from the morning. 

They simply "missed" your post that day.

We don't do this very often (i.e point out our "Numbers")... but we are going to do it now.

Please click here: and look at our "like" count and look at our "talking about this" number. We have spent 3 years trying to figure out "what works" on facebook.

We HAVE figured out what works... and we "practice what we preach" each and every day... but what we have the hardest time doing is getting Rescues and Shelters to believe us, and try out our methods.

The "Every 6th Day" Facebook Promotion Method is this:

When you have something that needs to be promoted on facebook on a regular basis... such as:

Need for Fosters
Amazon Wish List
Donation Request
T-Shirts for sale

Put them on an "every 6th day rotation".

Do YOU remember what you posted at 9am on your FB page 6 days ago? Probably not... and neither do many of your fans. PLUS... chances are, Many, if not MOST of your fans, probably didn't even see that post 6 days ago.

By posting every 6th day... and alternating WHEN you post... you are reaching more of your fans.

We chose every 6th day, instead of every 7th day... so that your posts to not show up on the same "day of the week" each week... i.e. every Monday.

Here is how it would work...

Foster request... 1st of the month, 9am post... 7th of the month, 4pm post... 13th of the month, 7pm post... etc...

T-Shirt link... 2nd of the month, 3pm post... 8th of the month, 10am post... 14th of the month, 5pm post... etc...

Get the picture?

Save Yourself Time and Pre-Schedule your Facebook Posts

Did you know you can PRE-SCHEDULE posts on Facebook?


So... if you want to post a photo or link or text at a future date and time... here is how you do it.

Enter your info.

Click on the little clock in the lower right hand corner...

Use the drop downs to select year, month, day, time, etc...

Then click on  the Schedule button to schedule your posts. Easy Peasy!

Here is a FUN and Easy way to preschedule posts.

First,  get yourself a calendar... and a pair of dice. (Seriously)

Decide on what type of post you want to pre-schedule... Foster request, donation request, t-shirt link, amazon wish list, etc...

Next... Pick a day in the future to start.

Roll the dice... the dice represents the time of your post. Make sure it is during waking hours.

A 9 can be 9am or 9pm... a 12 is always noon (not midnight)... 5 is always 5pm (not 5am)... etc...

Write a  letter and time on the calendar that day... (Such as "F9am" for a foster post at 9am) ... then pre-schedule a post on facebook for that day, at the random time your dice told you to.

Now, jump ahead 6 days...  roll the dice... mark the calendar... and schedule a post.

Then repeat... repeat... repeat... 


You can choose to pre-schedule your posts for 1, 2, 3, or more months in advance.

Then, go back to the beginning, starting on a different day... with a different post (instead of Foster request, post your t-shirt page link... or amazon wish list link) and repeat the process.

You don't "need" to use the dice.. you can just pick random times... but you SHOULD use the calendar to keep track.

IMPORTANT: Don't just repeat the same, short post, such as "Here is our Amazon Wish List, please go buy something and support us". Instead, vary the wording in your posts, such as: "We often pull animals from hoarders, that is why we have put carriers on or Wish List. Please click here to see all our items...". Or... "Many of our pet beds are in poor shape. There are several that need to be replaced. Please click here to see what we have on our Amazon Wish List"... etc... etc...

In other words... personalize your posts. By adding variety to your posts, you will appeal to more people. It can be as simple as... "We can never have too much canned cat food... please check out our Wish List here... to see if you can help." or "Purchasing a t-shirt does more than help us raise money, it helps advertise our group in the community! Get your shirt by clicking here...".

This helps build a relationship with your FB fans... and turns them into supporters.

So to recap... there are many posts that Shelters and Rescues place on facebook that can be prescheduled. Facebook makes it EASY to do this... and by spending just an hour or two at the computer, you can pre-schedule these for months in advance.

Here is our Challenge to You... try the "Every 6th Day" method and pre-schedule posts for the next 3 months. Then... sit back and see if you have more donations, t-shirt sales, wish list donations, etc... 

Chances are, you will! The #1 problem we see with rescues is NOT that fans don't support them... it is that rescues/shelters get busy/distracted/etc... and don't post what they need to post, on a frequent enough basis.

Try it and see!

You have nothing to lose... and MUCH to Gain!


To learn about all the ways we help rescues and shelters... including our "Improved Amazon Wish List" and "Hassle Free, Investment Free T-Shirt sales" Programs... click here



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